10 Best Mario Party Games Ranked by Sales

14 Feb 2023
Mario Party is, without a doubt, one of the most infamous franchises that people still love. The series is known for shattering friendships with its random turns and causing a great mix of frustration and entertainment in its minigames. Newer games have taken a turn from their counterparts, but with the release of Mario Party Superstars, it seems like these Mario-based board games are finally returning to form. As such, this article will take a look at the 10 best Mario Party games based on copies sold to see how the franchise has changed over the years — and how that change has influenced its success.
All information was taken from VGSales. The Switch titles include data taken from Nintendo’s Financial Results.
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List of the Best Mario Party Games of All Time Ranked by Copies Sold

  • 10. Mario Party 10
  • 9. Mario Party 4
  • 8. Mario Party 2
  • 7. Mario Party
  • 6. Mario Party: Island Tour
  • 5. Mario Party 9
  • 4. Mario Party 8
  • 3. Mario Party DS
  • 2. Mario Party Superstars
  • 1. Super Mario Party

10. Mario Party 10 — ~2.26 Million Copies Sold

Mario Party 10 fared well compared to most of its GameCube predecessors, but it still left a lot to be desired. Even the new Bowser Party mode didn’t change the fact that gameplay was tied to the car introduced in 9, a mechanic many players were displeased with. The only way to get a more traditional Mario Party experience was through amiibo, and only on a small square board without any fun gimmicks. It took at least five games for people to get tired of the old style, but people quickly lost their patience with the car after just two. 
Even so, Mario Party 10 is still Mario Party, and the addition of Bowser made for some intense rivalries between players. It’s worth checking out for Bowser Party alone, but those looking for the best classic experience should look elsewhere.
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9. Mario Party 4 — ~2.46 Million Copies Sold

Mario Party 4 was the first game in the franchise to be featured on the GameCube. It shared a lot of qualities with its predecessors, from a plethora of items to unique boards with special events. It also featured a story mode that allowed players to battle against Bowser in an intense minigame showdown. Truthfully, there isn’t a whole lot to say about Mario Party 4 that can't be said about its predecessors, but it offers some fine additions to the board games fans already know.
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8. Mario Party 2 — ~2.48 Million Copies Sold

Many fans would argue that Mario Party 2 is the definitive game of the franchise. It established features like items and duel minigames while boasting some unique elements such as costumes and banks. Many minigames were revamped as well, no longer requiring hand-blistering controls schemes while generally being more fun. It had fewer boards than its predecessor, but there was still a lot that Mario Party 2 was — and still is — able to offer on its own.
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7. Mario Party — ~2.7 Million Copies Sold

The first Mario Party certainly left its mark on the gaming industry. This title was the first to put Mario characters into unique locales styled after board games, also letting them face off in creative and wacky minigames. This unique party style was beloved by millions, spawning a franchise that stands above most other Mario spinoffs. It would take some time for the series to truly shine, but it wouldn’t have gotten to where it is today if the first Mario Party wasn’t so well-received.
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6. Mario Party: Island Tour — ~2.93 Million Copies Sold

From the time between Mario Party 9 and Super Mario Party, Island Tour was the closest thing fans had to the classic board game experience. Even so, most boards were focused around reaching the end rather than collecting every star, with each one offering its own gimmick that changed the way fans played. It had plenty to offer, especially as one of the few portable Mario Party titles, but it still didn’t quite hit the same heights that the older games did.
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5. Mario Party 9 — ~3.11 Million Copies Sold

As the first game to be developed by a company that wasn’t Hudson Soft, Mario Party 9 marked a change for the series. Overall, the game was a lot more “friendly” with multiple players sharing a car and minigames lacking unique victory animations. In some ways, it can feel somewhat watered down when compared to its predecessors, with each board having few alternate routes and the special “boss minigames” not having a lose condition outside of lacking points. It might be worth checking out to see how different Mario Party changed from 8 to 9, but there’s a reason why this game lacks more than half the sales of its predecessor.
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4. Mario Party 8 — ~8.85 Million Copies Sold

Mario Party 8 was a culmination of every game before it, even though it didn’t change much about the formula itself. Outside of its unique candy items and special boards, its greatest feature was how well it utilized the Wii’s motion controls. Many times, the controls were relatively unobtrusive while offering a lot more fun to certain minigames. At the time, reviews for Mario Party 8 were overall mixed, but time has led to many fans looking back at it fondly — and its overall success makes it the best-selling non-Switch console title of the franchise.
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3. Mario Party DS — ~9.31 Million Copies Sold

Mario Party DS was the first true handheld Mario Party game and the last one developed by Hudson Soft. It kept the traditional star-collecting style for its boards and included larger-than-life boss battles for extra challenge in solo play. It lacked online play and didn’t actually offer much of its own unique spin in multiplayer matches, but it honestly didn’t have to. It was, indeed, a Mario Party title on the DS — and a great one, at that.
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2. Mario Party Superstars — ~9.38 Million Copies Sold

The most recent Mario Party title is arguably the definitive game of the franchise. It brings back boards, minigames, and overall gameplay from the first three titles. This would have been enough for long-time fans, but the developers took it a step further by including full online play with friends and even random players. Arguably the only reason it hasn’t overtaken its predecessor is due to timing; in just one year, it sold half the number of copies Super Mario Party sold over four years. If this game and its success is anything to go by, the future is brighter than ever for Mario Party lovers everywhere.

1. Super Mario Party — ~18.79 Million Copies Sold

Super Mario Party might seem lackluster today in comparison to its successor, but it didn’t become the best-selling Mario Party game for nothing. It went back to the traditional board game style while mixing in traits from less successful entries, including the partner system and a mode that mimics gameplay from Star Rush. Super Mario Party also showcased many features of the Switch Joy-Cons such as HD Rumble and improved motion controls, making it a perfect introductory title to the system itself. It even received an update late into its life to add friends-only online multiplayer, making it a perfect choice for fans who want a more strategic — yet lax — Mario Party experience.

Final Thoughts

After a long time of stagnation, Mario Party struggled to regain its identity through gimmicky titles and watered-down experiences. The most popular titles in the franchise are those that brought it back to its roots, showcasing the best of what fans loved while adding some practical features for newcomers to each game’s console. Hopefully Nintendo has managed to realize what made these titles so beloved in the first place, allowing them to make the next entry even better than the last.