Tokenized NVIDIA Shares Hit Digital Market Through INX-Backed Partnership

2 Jul 2024

A new chapter in digital asset trading unfolds today as INX and Backed join forces to offer tokenized stocks on the INX platform. The collaboration introduces bNVDA, a digital token representing NVIDIA Corporation shares, marking the first instance of traditional stock tokenization available for trade on INX's regulated marketplace.

This initiative, announced simultaneously from INX's Toronto headquarters and Backed's base in Zug, Switzerland, aims to bridge the gap between conventional financial markets and the burgeoning world of digital assets. Starting today, eligible investors outside the United States can trade bNVDA tokens, each backed by one share of NVIDIA stock.

Editor’s note: Even though bNVDA is backed one-to-one by Nvidia stock, it is not officially affiliated with the chipmaker. #DYOR

New Trading Option for Global Investors

The bNVDA token, issued on the Ethereum network, represents ownership of NVIDIA stock on a one-to-one basis. This development allows eligible investors to trade bNVDA outside traditional stock market hours and fund their accounts with cryptocurrencies.

Backed's tokenized assets, including bNVDA, are issued under an EU prospectus. The underlying NVIDIA stock is held with a licensed custodian under an account control agreement, with blockchain serving as the primary method of defining ownership.

Shy Datika, CEO of INX, commented on the partnership: "This represents another step in our journey to enable the trading of real-world asset tokens. We are focused on advancing the accessibility and efficiency of the tokenized asset market."

Adam Levi, Backed Co-Founder, shared his vision for the future: "We see a future where investors can build diversified portfolios of tokenized real-world assets directly on the blockchain. No need to offramp, and users can self custody their entire portfolio."

The introduction of tokenized stocks could potentially affect market dynamics, given the 24/7 trading capability. It may also open up new possibilities for integrating traditional financial assets with decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Looking Ahead

While bNVDA is the first offering, both companies have indicated plans for expansion. Future tokenized assets could include ETFs, bonds, and commodities, according to INX. The success of this venture will likely depend on factors such as user adoption, regulatory developments, and the stability of the underlying technology. As the financial sector continues to evolve, the tokenization of stocks represents a notable development in the intersection of traditional finance and blockchain technology. Investors interested in trading bNVDA can create an account on the INX platform and complete the required verification process. The offering is currently available to non-US qualified investors across multiple jurisdictions.

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