Web3 Game Con: The World's Largest Web3 Game Show Debuts At ABS2024 In Taipei

26 Jun 2024

**TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, June 26th, 2024/GamingWire/--**Web3 Game Con, the largest Web3 gaming expo in Asia, is set to take place from August 6-8 at ABS2024. This landmark event, organized by GEDA Esports in conjunction with the Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS), will be hosted at a 1,500 square meter zone at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.

GEDA Esports is the Web3 branch of Cyber Games Arena (CGA), an esports platform that partnered with Riot Games, EA Sports, Valve Software, and Ubisoft to organize some of the world's largest esports events, including League of Legends, EA FIFA, Counter-Strike, and Rainbow Six. In April 2024, GEDA Esports collaborated with MATR1X FIRE, the Web3 mobile FPS game with over 1 million users, and hosted the world’s first professional Web3 esports tournament—MATR1X FIRE Asia Masters.

ABS Web3 Game Con: Immersive Live Web3 Gaming Demos and Exciting Matches That Showcase the Future of Web3 Esports

The ABS2024 Web3 Game Con features the largest professional esports stage in Asia with over 50 games and projects such as MATR1X, Bitboy and Ordz Games, and Pomerium.

Over three days, attendees will have the chance to explore this premier esports venue, outfitted with the latest gaming technology. Attendees can look forward to an immersive experience with live Web3 game demos, thrilling competitions and broadcasts, as well as valuable insights from gaming industry leaders.

"We are thrilled to introduce Asia's largest Web3 gaming expo at ABS2024," said Ryan Chow, Co-Founder of GEDA Esports. "This marks a pivotal moment for the Web3 gaming industry and highlights our commitment to Asia's gaming community. With our extensive background in esports, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for all attendees in Taipei."

MATR1X FIRE Esports Tournament Global Tour Kicks Off at ABS2024

MATR1X FIRE World Championship global tour, with over $5 million in investment, will kick off at ABS2024 Web3 Game Con. This world-class competition, co-hosted by GEDA Esports and MATR1X FIRE, will feature professional teams from around the world, including Black and White Esports, FR, and Teamflash. Fans and spectators can participate in GEDA Esports’ “Watch to Earn, Predict to Win '' Web3 esports program.

Pomerium to Showcase Samsung Collaboration

Pomerium, a leading Web3 gaming studio, will showcase the Galaxy A24 Limited Edition, co-launched with SAMSUNG, at ABS2024 Web3 Game Con. Pomerium will also be launching Pome World, a P2E + M2E gaming innovation, and introducing new characters centered around POME.

Bitboy and Ordz Game to Launch The World’s First Web3 Gaming Console

Ordz Games, a pioneering force in blockchain gaming, launched BitBoy—the world’s first Web3 gaming console, back in April. BitBoy revolutionizes the gaming landscape by integrating on-chain games with DEPIN handheld devices.

The BitBoy One Genesis model sell out within minutes of its release. ABS2024 Web3 Game Con attendees will have the opportunity to purchase BitBoy One for a discount, and also the opportunity to receive airdrops from several participating projects.

ABS2024 Web3 Game Con is poised to set the benchmark for the future of gaming. Sponsors will get to collaborate with over 50 pioneering gaming projects at the world's largest Web3 Game Show. Amplify visibility through Web3 Game Con exhibition booths, esports arenas, global media announcements, and live streaming coverage. For more information and sponsorship opportunities, users can contact:Winchman Li | Winchman@geda.gg

About The Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS)

Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS) is an annual technology event that brings together leading experts, innovators and policymakers from AI, Blockchain, and Sustainability.

Hosted in the vibrant city of Taipei, the event serves as a platform to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and networking among key players ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups in the rapidly evolving global blockchain ecosystem. Asia Blockchain Summit attracts over 10,000 attendees from 60+ countries each year.

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About GEDA Esports

GEDA Esports is leading the Esports 2.0 movement, dedicated to creating a comprehensive ecosystem that allows more players to engage with Web3 games. GEDA Esports is not just a platform but a vibrant community where players can compete, spectators can become players, and participate in prediction games.

With over 12 years of experience in the esports industry, GEDA Esports is committed to making esports accessible to everyone, redefining participation and interaction in the gaming world.

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